The Degenerate Opportunity

When one man’s dark past meets destiny, what future remains?

Multi-millionaire Sebastian Bowman is prepared to use his own unique skills to change the world. While his approach might seem unorthodox, he knows that it’s his duty to help others realize the truth: that money isn’t what makes the world go round. Only opportunity can bring fairness to all, and only Sebastian can stop the powers that be from controlling society with their lies. But his mission lies hard upon his soul, and all may not be as it seems in his world. He knows that until he takes action, the world will remain disjointed, out of control, and unjust. But can Sebastian reconcile his duty with his dreams? Is he the right man to save the world, or is he truly a monster?

“Admirably, I give the author credit for creating a distasteful, disturbing creature that does immerse the reader in discovering what this really is about. It is written in such a way that the twists and turns does surprise.”